BKAT Coming to Mi-Soul

This coming Thursday lunchtime will be very special indeed as Dr Psycho will be joined by BKAT for a special live interview. Bethany Barber, a legal secretary from London and Kat Hitti, a singing teacher from Reading, are two fresh soulful singer/songwriters ready to take the music scene by storm this summer 2015 as an electric female duo under the name of BKAT.

The girls originally met after being put in girl group Espree together back in 2007, and quickly found a kindred spirit in one another, and this bond has lead them to still be blending harmonies together effortlessly nine years on. Previously opening for artists such as U.S. singers Joe and Omarion, the girls have a large amount of stage experience under their belts, and the ESP the duo have created through the already many years of working, writing and performing together sets them apart from the bunch.

You can catch the full interview live this coming Thursday from 12-2pm with Dr Psycho

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