Peter Borg was raised on a diet of soul, Motown and disco.

Aged five he was given his first radio and this was where his musical love affair began….
He listened to radio shows such as Radio Caroline and Radio Luxembourg and then the pirate sound of London hit the airwaves and he became inspired by a new sound. This sound was to define his musical style. The sound was dance music. It made you want to dance!

At the age of eight, he stepped into his first nightclub, (yes it was owned by his Father and yes it was closed at the time) the resident DJ was trying out some new records and Peter wanted to know more…The DJ seed was planted!

He began to record radio shows and cut them up on his tape deck editing out the presenters voices to make his own mix tapes to listen to on his Walkman on the way to school.

Fast forward a few years and while his peers were doing their school work experience in retail Peter chose Choice FM – This introduced him to radio presenting and to a whole new world of music.

Still not old enough to be allowed into clubs he continued making his mix tapes and distributing them to his friends gaining a reputation for his sound in music…

This also gained him his first residency at a pub in South London every Saturday for the next 2 years! Here he honed his skills and his love of long sets was born!

His reputation grew and he became resident for the infamous Surrey Mansion parties, spinning 8 hour sets to over a thousand people every other month. This also led to him playing regular slots in some of London’s top clubs: Mayfair club, Rouge, The Saint and Café de Paris to name a few.

It was after throwing himself a birthday party and recognising his talent for party organising that he launched his Simply Salacious brand in 2004. To date they have held some of the most talked about parties in London and continue to rock clubs 9 years later. Visit for info.

His podcast’s are downloaded by over 2000 people across the globe each month this inspired him to launch his his series of An audience with Peter Borg nights where he spins the music that has inspired him throughout his career so far.
Constantly on the go 2014 will see Peter in the studio laying down his ideas for his own productions his residency at Market House Brixton as well as numerous bookings, it looks set to be another busy year.

Constantly on the go, 2015 will see Peter continuing to push forward with his Simply Salacious brand with their numerous residencies as well as numerous bookings up and down the country.

Join Peter every Tuesday 7pm-9pm GMT on for The Simply Salacious Dance Party where he brings you the finest house music cuts.

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