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Life and Soul catches up with Abi Clarke, no stranger to the airwaves she presents the Open Your Mind show with partner Bob Masters every third Wednesday on Mi-Soul Radio.

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1. Give Us Three Words That Best Describe You.

A. Big. Kid.

2. What are your biggest passions and what do you like to do in your spare time?

Music and nature… I love being outdoors and to walk (mostly with my dog). Playing music (and dancing to it) outside is wonderful (bring on Margate Soul Festival and MiBiza Soul!)

3. What Piece Of Advice Would You Give Your Young Self Now?

Don’t worry (be happy!)

4. When And How Did Your Love For Soulful Music Begin?

When I started high school aged twelve.

5. Which Mi-Soul Show Do You Enjoy The Most And Why?

I try to listen as often as I can..I mostly catch Ronnie’s drive time show… I love it, try to always catch Dr Bob Jones, Melvo and Tosca’s shows too…

6. Name Three Of Your Favourite Tracks In The World!

Marvin Gaye: Come Get to This

Bobby Womack: How Could You Break My Heart?

A Rush On Me: Stephanie Mills

7. What Musical Artist Inspires You And Why?

The multi-talented D’Angelo. I saw a recording of his Voodoo performance at Montreux…off the scale!

8. What Was The Last Gig You Went To?

Breakwater and The Pockets in Shoreditch…a great night!


9. What Artist Would You Like To See Live?

Do they have to be living? If so it would have to be Marvin Gaye.

10. What Tune Can You Not Get Enough Of Right Now?

Music in My Life by Ashen and Walker featuring Shaun Escoffery


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