Life And Soul: Brian Power

Andrea Britton

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Life and Soul catches up with Brian Power, who has recently launched his own record label and presents the SoulHouse Radio Show very first Saturday from 9-11pm on Mi-Soul Radio.

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1. Give Us Three Words That Best Describe You.

Off Center, Loving, Funny.

2. What are your biggest passions and what do you like to do in your spare time?

Soulful House music, making tracks. I like to spend time with wifey, oh we av a larf!

3. What Piece Of Advice Would You Give Your Young Self Now?

Like and love yourself.

4. When And How Did Your Love For Soulful Music Begin?

Back in early 80’s with Horizon Radio.

5. Which Mi-Soul Show Do You Enjoy The Most And Why?

Paul Trouble Anderson. More music and less chat. I’m a total house head!

6. Name Three Of Your Favourite Tracks In The World!

Frankie Knuckles: Tears

Frankie Knuckles: Whistle Song

Brian Power Featuring Rebecca Scales: So Long Gone

7. What Musical Artist Inspires You And Why?

Frankie Knuckles pure music that moved heart and soul.

8. What Was The Last Gig You Went To?

Maxwell and Mary J Blige.

frankie knuckles

9. What Artist Would You Like To See Live?

Whitney Houston, what an amazing vocal range

10. What Tune Can You Not Get Enough Of Right Now?

I am self-absorbed in my next release ‘Amber’.

so long gone

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