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Life and Soul caught up with Margates finest, Gillian Campbell.

LIFE&SOUL Gillian Campbell

1. Give Us Three Words That Best Describe You.

Resilient, Kind, Determined.

2. What are your biggest passions and what do you like to do in your spare time?

My biggest passions are my two girls, closely followed by music. I love attending live concerts, soul events, travelling, reading, writing, and exploring the gorgeous Kent Countryside. I’ve enjoyed taking photos of the fabulous scenery we have here and am hoping to get a proper Camera!

3. What Piece Of Advice Would You Give Your Young Self Now?

You weren’t Fat, You Dance Like a Professional, don’t be discouraged by negative comments, they were often born out of envy and follow your dreams regardless. Find someone who believes in you and just go for it!

4. When And How Did Your Love For Soulful Music Begin?

When I was little more than a Toddler I heard a tune I loved on the Radio and asked my Mum who it was. It was Dionne Warwick singing “Say a Little Prayer”. I grew up in a very musical household as my Dad played the drums and my Uncle Frank was a Piano player. So there was always music playing, lots of Motown and Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66 so I have acquired quite eclectic music tastes over the years!!! Later on, I would listen to Pirate Radio and then later, well it has to be Mi-Soul’s very own Greg Edwards who presented Soul Spectrum on Capitol Radio. He really did bring Soul Music to the Masses and was hugely influential in bringing this music into everyone’s front room. I could talk and write for hours as I have listened to so many influential stations and presenters but he will always be my main man. Love him.

5. Which Mi-Soul Show Do You Enjoy The Most And Why?

It has to be Stretch Taylor’s Ghetto Heaven Show which is on between 9-11 on a Tuesday evening. I’ve been listening to Paul (Stretch) for over 7 years as I started listening to him when he was working for another station. I like that he always surprises with his old Skool and RnB Selections and features new music. He is responsible for me going to Concerts and Soul Events over the last few years. He’s a lovely friendly guy who I can’t speak highly enough of. I think all the Mi-Soul shows are fabulous and all the Presenters are superb and what’s nice is that they are all e trembly approachable and always like to share their knowledge. That I think is what makes Mi-Soul quite unique.

6. Name Three Of Your Favourite Tracks In The World!

For Once In My Life, Stevie Wonder

Move On Up, Curtis Mayfield

Never Too Much, Luther Vandross

7. What Musical Artist Inspires You And Why?

It has to be the late great Luther Vandross.

I have an encyclopaedic knowledge of him, have seen him in Concert 4 times and never tire of his music which seems to speak to everyone at any given time.

He was a perfectionist and never stopped learning. I still get emotional when I talk about him. For me, no vocalist has ever come close to how perfect he sounded to me.

8. What Was The Last Gig You Went To?

Kindred The Family Soul at The Jazz Cafe in November 2016. I’ve seen them many times now and they just get better and better.

9. What Artist Would You Like To See Live?

It has to be Jaheim. I’ve always loved his voice and his collaborations.

10. What Tune Can You Not Get Enough Of Right Now?

Shape of You. Ed Sheeran. What a great crossover track!

Ed Sheeran Shape Of You

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