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Life and Soul: Conrad Bool

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We look close to home this week and ask the new addition to the Mi-Soul team, Conrad Bool, from Crawley in Sussex speaks a little about his life and soul.

What Are Your Biggest Passions?life and soul conrad bool

I’m married (somehow, it all went in a blur) to Jo and have two wonderful daughters, Alex 21 and Carla 17. I love all soulful music and collect everything from new House Music through to vintage Blue Note Jazz. I’ve toyed with the DJ thing and have worked at events like the Prestatyn Soul Weekender amongst others, but have a fear of specializing in one music type as I love such a wide cross-section, so have never made my mind up which way to go. My largest respects go to those with genuinely eclectic tastes that can mix it up.

I have an eternal triangle of brilliant pastimes that complement each other massively: Soul & Jazz Music, Rugby Union, which has been an integral part of my life from aged 8 upwards. But probably my greatest passion is getting my skis on: on a bluebird day, with fresh snow – certainly Black 3 in La Thuile, which is wide, steep and fast and highly recommended for you other skiers. Funnily enough, they all have one thing in common: socializing and alcohol.

What’s Your Favourite Thing To Do When You’re Not Working?

One of my above pastimes followed by a few beers. But also, I do love a day out in London, accompanied by a good meal and a few drinks – it is such a brilliant city. We’re so lucky to live here.

What Piece Of Advice Would You Give Your Young Self Now?

Try to be more patient – it’s not one of my virtues, even less so when I was younger

When And How Did Your Love For Soulful Music Begin?

I was bought a copy of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Music of My Mind’ by my late Grandmother when I was about 10 – that was that, I think I started collecting and having an ear for great tunes from that moment on.

Name Your Favourite Top Three Tracks Of All Time…

Wow, the toughest question: currently;

Smile – Jasper Street Company (DJ Spen & Karizma Special Mix)

What’s Happening Brother – Marvin Gaye

Expansions – Lonnie Liston Smith

What Musical Artist Inspires You And Why?

Louis Vega – only he can put out albums with featuring brilliant house re-works from artists as diverse as The Hollies to rare jazz, through Latin into percussive Afro goodies. I’ve loved all his studio identities.

Which Mi-Soul Show Do You Enjoy The Most And Why?

I do like MiDrive with Ronnie as it’s a proper slice of London with the traffic, but I have a special place for Paul “Trouble” Anderson as he has been there through all my house experiences for many years.

What Was The Last Gig You Went To?

Outside of lots of House events, it was Carmen Lundy – the best and most under-rated jazz voice.

What Artist Would You Like To See Live And Why?

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers – it won’t happen, as sadly Art died in 1990. But if he anybody has watched the sound that Art Blakey made with a tiny drum kit and the power of some of their hard bop dancers then they would know why.

What Tune Can You Not Get Enough Of Right Now?

It’s still the Eric Kupper mix of Housemechanix ‘Mama Saved Me’ – it’s been a staple of mine throughout 2016 as it’s so good. Simply the best house release this year!

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