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Life and Soul: Marc Mason

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  A chance meeting with this weeks Life And Soul focus, Marc Mason, an English DJ, uncovered a love of all things soulful and extended to the wonderful island of Malta where he resides. He runs two companies and with his wife and also working on a third…watch this space!What Are Your Biggest Passions?life and soul marc masonObviously my four children who are all doing well in the world and you can’t ask for more than that. The other is DJ-ing I am a vinyl guy through and through but have recently bought some Pioneer gear. The vinyl and decks are still back in the UK and my Vestax Rotory mixer which I miss (See not everything is Pioneer in this world!).What’s Your Favourite Thing to Do When You’re Not Working?Just being still, quiet and maybe meditating, that must be an age thing. My wife says I can do all of these things whilst staring at endless back-to-back Top Gear episodes…. I hadn’t noticed!Give Us Three Words That Best Describe You!Hang on just asking Zanna my wife she just said “Drum-And-Bass”!  There are many, “Stones-Not-Beatles” Coffee-No-Milk” I think it has to be Happy-Friendly-HelpfulWhat Piece of Advice Would You Give Your Young Self Now?Promote yourself better. Use the tools given to you which you miss at the time. Network better, save money, maybe a bit less red wine and use ear plugs!When and How Did Your Love for Soulful Music Begin?There was a DJ Dave Brown he was on a local radio station the show was “Boogie Down with Dave Brown” so it must have been around 1982. 1985 was the year I bought my first pair of 1200’s and they changed my world. The music I was into back then (and still now) was Brit Funk Jazz Funk the kind of music Froggy and Chris Hill were playing. There was a nightclub just outside Colchester called The Tartan House – that venue inspired me. Mr. Toast and his 100 Mile an Hour road show. Yes, it was a basically a mobile disco on stage but he had four large HH stacks all very high end gear and it was all installed.    Name Your Favourite Top Three Tracks of All Time…Bit of a mixture here.Goldie – Inner City Life (Almost a complete Movement)The House People – Godfather of House (Love that old Chicago House Sound)Loose Ends – Hanging on A String (The production on this is incredible I still use it to set up sound systems to this day)What Musical Artist Inspires You and Why?‘Goldie’ he has made Drum and Bass credible to so many people. At no point, can anyone dismiss drum and bass because of the sheer quality and passion he puts in to any of his tracks.‘Eatseverything’ now this guy reminds me of how DJs used to be, they were passionate about their gigs enjoying themselves feeling the music entertaining not afraid to play different genres together.Which Mi-Soul Show Do You Enjoy the Most and Why?Has to be Bailey, again a DJ who enjoys his work. He has a great style and he is informative and talks to the listeners (Maybe a Sony award at some point).What Was the Last Gig You Went To?Been a bit busy recently so can’t comment!What Artist Would You Like to See Live and Why?‘Eatseverything’ Just to be entertained.What Tune Can You Not Get Enough of Right Now?DJ Mes ‘Feel Like Getting Down’ good to hear Billy’s voice again.
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