Life and Soul: Valentine

We chat to a few of our listeners from all over the world in various jobs and professions about their love for soul music, and of course, Mi-Soul. This week we chat to Valentine from London, who is a music artist and an “African legend”. What are you biggest passions? My biggest passion is creating music and being on stage. They is nothing more rewarding than having the gift of moving people through music. Everyday I thank God for that. When and how did your love for soul music begin? Well… I wouldn’t say there was a beginning, I whole heartedly believe it was something I was born with, since a young age I was always thriving and had the urge, passion, and determination to become the person who I am now. I believe the future is bright so there is much more to come. What is your favourite Soul track? There is toooooo many to pick I refuse to pick one lol… honestly that’s like asking a child to pick who is your favourite… Mum or Dad. What music artist inspires you the most? They are several artists to pin point, its rather difficult, however MJ is probably is on the top of the list and R Kelly, P square, Whitney Houston, Usher and Chris Brown . When did you start listening to Mi-Soul? Hmmm it’s been years like literally… Which Mi-Soul show do you enjoy the most/look forward to and why? In general you guys are all great just keep up the good work!   Thanks Valentine for chatting to us and stay locked in to Mi-Soul for good music!
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