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Life and Soul: Terry Hylton

Life & Soul is the place where we ask a special someone from all corners of the globe, to share their life and love of everything soulful. This week we chat Mi-Soul Family member Terry ‘The Hat’ Hylton’.

Where Are You Based In The World And What Do You Do For A Living?

London. I work for Camden Council.

What Are Your Biggest Passions?

Music and Cycling!

When And How Did Your Love For Soul Music Begin?

My love of soul music and reggae came from my dad when I was growing up. He would often buy records and play them and have a dance with my mum and I would join in.

What Is Your Favourite Soul Track?

That is very difficult. In my college days and still now if its played, Frank Hooker and the Positive Force ‘Ooh This Feeling’. I also love Krystal ‘After The Dance’ , through my first Caister Weekend, this featured heavily and Gino Socio ‘Try It Out’ – my first all dayer at Top Rank Reading.

What Music Artist Inspires You The Most?

Too many to choose from, but the top of my list would be Stevie Wonder. His writing and output over the years has produced tunes with real meaning that could make you dance and cry in equal measure. A special guy.

When Did You Start Listening To Mi-Soul?

About four years ago when there were only a few DJs and Mi-Soulector in between.

Which Mi Soul Show Do You Enjoy The Most?

That is very difficult. It is like asking me who my favourite child is, (I have three). I enjoy all the shows. I have met all the DJs and tweeted them all at some point and they are all nice guys who really enjoy their work and you can hear that in each broadcast. To narrow it down I enjoy BiG TeDDY TeD (aka SUpA DuPa FLy) #TheFreshStuff. By far the best place to hear new and old HipHop of the highest quality and Big Ted will teach you facts each week also.

Keith Lawrence is by far the best reggae DJ I have heard. I love his #ReggaeRockShow. All styles Keith manages to cover with ease. Also you will learn reggae history each time you listen to him. He used to do the Soulful Bounce show on a rotation on Saturdays between 3-7pm, a very good show! And of course, Pete Andrew and his Soul Kitchen is an anchor to my Sundays, he knows his Soul classics.

There is so much more to say, but overall there is no other station that can hold a torch to Mi-Soul, it is head and shoulders above the competition.

Thanks for chatting to us Terry, you too are a staple to us! Stay locked!

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