Debra Reynolds

Life and Soul: Debra Reynolds

This week’s Life & Soul is dedicated to Debra Reynolds, one of the admins for the Mi-Soul Family Group on Facebook, a group independently set up to support Mi-Soul Radio.


Where Are You Based In The World?

Chingford ,London

What Do You Do For A Living?

I’m a Nanny

What are you biggest passions?

Family, friends and music!

When And How Did Your Love For Soul Music Begin?

I was 6 years old and my mum used to have Earth Wind and Fire on full volume playing on the record player.

I remember ‘Fantasy’ being my favourite and waiting until my mum was in the kitchen cooking so I could go into the lounge with hairbrush in hand for my microphone ( I was that child) and practise singing, as back in the day you bought albums and they had the lyrics on the sleeve so I just sang my heart out.

What is your favourite Soul track?

I’m going to mix this up …

So my favourite track right now is ‘American in Chelsea’ by Monique Bigham …its just got this awesome feel to it and I can’t sit still  when I hear it.

My favourite track from way back is ‘Never knew love like this’ by Stephanie Mills 

The reason for this is because it is something my mum used to play over and over on 7 inch fact we still have all of our vinyl.

Mum and I are really really close and it brings back great childhood memories.

And my favourite song generally is not particularly well known …it’s called ‘Open My Heart’ by Yolanda Adams.

Yolanda is a gospel singer and to be honest everything she sings really touches me.

She sings from the heart and you really believe every word she’s singing.

I used to sing in a band and think I have a good ear musically and when I heard this track it moved me to tears  …it’s so beautiful and gets me every time I hear it…you know ‘goosebump’ moment

What music artist inspires you the most?

I have to say Babyface.

He is my absolute idol and if by some miracle I ever get to see him perform live I think I’d just be completely overcome with emotion.

He’s not really recognised as an artist here in  the UK but more as a producer .

I have everything he ever recorded…kind of a superfan!!!

And I’m such a fan because he is just so remarkably talented …he writes and produces hit after hit and also plays a variety of instruments, his singing voice to me is just like velvet!

I can even tell just from hearing a song once whether or not he’s been involved in it, whether he’s produced it or featured on it.

A distinctive beautiful sound!!!!

When did you start listening to Mi-Soul?

Oh I think it was about 3 or 4 years ago.

I met Calvin Francis at Bar 300 and he told me all about Gordon Mac and Martin Strivens setting up a new radio station called Mi-Soul so I used to listen to his show ‘Decades of Soul’ on the IPhone app as the station wasn’t DAB then …..

Which Mi-Soul Show Do You Enjoy The Most And Why?

Ooh this is tricky as I’m a huge fan and listen to everything that airs plus I catch the shows I’ve missed on mixcloud which is an awesome concept. Calvin’s show is the first one I listened to so very special to me. Also, I love Pete Andrew’s  Soul Kitchen, but if I had to choose just one it would have to be Ronnie Herel’s ‘The Big RnB Show’ as I’m a HUGE RnB girl at heart and I love the way he mixes the old with the new. My favourite bit by far is the ‘Ol Skool 45’ where he plays some classic RnB gems!

Thanks Debra –

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