The Rt. Hon. Baron Lord Taylor of Warwick

Life and Soul: Lord John Taylor of Warwick

We were chuffed when we heard that the Rt. Hon. Lord John Taylor of Warwick is a Mi-Soul fan.  We asked him to be the focus of our Life & Soul feature this week and he will be chatting live with the boss man Gordon Mac this coming Friday so be sure to tune in live from 12-2pm.Where Are You Based In The World?The most dynamic globally-connected, powerful and influential city in the world, the great City of London.What Do You Do For A Living?I am a Member of The House of Lords, who promotes World Peacemaking alongside promoting Racial Diversity in the higher ranks of business, media, politics, and sports. I have presented TV and Radio shows, mainly for the BBC, including BBC Radio 2. I am writing a book on Immigration and Diversity post Brexit; For 20 years I have enjoyed mentoring and inspiring future upcoming leaders from around the world through The Warwick Leadership Academy;What Are Your Biggest Passions?My wife Lady Laura Taylor; My Christian faith; Peacemaking across the globe; Soul Music; Aston Villa FC.When And How Did Your Love For Soul Music Begin?Growing up as a child in Birmingham; At 14, I accidently discovered Emperor Rosko (Mike Pasternak) on Radio Caroline; The radio was so old and stuck together with selotape, I had to lie it on its side to get a good reception. Rosko played iconic tracks like Inner City Blues and What’s Going On, both by Marvin Gaye. These songs introduced me to Soul and Politics.Name Your Favourite Top Three TracksGolden Lady   Stevie Wonder: (It reminds me of my wife Lady Laura);Doin’ Alright   O’Bryan:   (It’s about overcoming all challenges);Once I’ve Been There   Norman Connors:   (It’s about never giving up).What Musical Artist Inspires You The Most And Why?Stevie Wonder: His music and lyrics have brought hope, joy and inspiration to people all over the world, for decades.When Did You Start Listening To Mi-Soul?About a year ago, after I got tired of some of the bland music being played on other stations;Which Mi Soul Show Do You Enjoy The Most And Why?I love them all!Thank you for being a great supporter of Mi-Soul Radio and we look forward to having you in the studio on Friday.