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Life and Soul: Steve Harrington

We ask Mi-Soul listeners to share their life and love of everything soulful. This week we chat to HouseFM.Net’s Steve Harrington.

Tell Us A Little About Yourself…

I am a London boy, born and bred. From a big family – Five boys, three girls – myself and my twin sister are the youngest (my father was Irish catholic). Still dreaming of a DJ career – I know… I should know better at my age!

Where Are You Based In The World?

The greatest city in the world – London.

What Do You Do For A Living?

I am a Sales Manager for a make up company and of course a House DJ by night!

What Are You Biggest Passions?

Soulful Music, Family, West Ham United, Music and… Music!

When And How Did Your Love For Soul Music Begin?

Through my older brothers being into the Motown and Philly International sound. I would say that from around the age of eight I became fascinated with the records that my brothers were buying during that time. The 70s was definitely THE golden era for soul music.

NameYour Favourite Top Three Tracks…

So difficult as I change my mind all the time! But I have to go with Stevie Wonder ‘As’, Marvin Gaye ‘What’s Happening Brother’ and Rance Allen Group ‘Reason To Survive’.

What Musical Artist Inspires You The Most And Why?

Stevie Wonder. I was weaned on his music. I could not believe that a blind man could see the world so clearly and express it so beautifully through melody and lyrics. A talent we may never see the likes of again.

When Did You Start Listening To Mi-Soul?

From the beginning, but definitely catching more shows since the launch on DAB.

Which Mi Soul Show Do You Enjoy The Most And Why?

Got to be Ronnie Herel’s Drivetime show. The man is a consummate broadcaster, plus he knows his football (COYI)…


Thanks for sharing your life & soul with us Steve. Keep it locked to Mi-Soul Radio!

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