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Saskia King. Mi-Soul Reviewer.
lil louis

The legendary Chicago-born House Music Oroducer, Lil Louis, famous for penning the ‘80s classic track, French Kiss is back with a new album and he shared this worldwide exclusive with DJ Mag at the esteemed Ministry of Sound.

On entry, mobile phones were taken by DJ Mag staff in exchange for an A4 envelope which included the inspirations for each track on the album, accompanied by a feedback form. This was to be kept as ID to claim the mobile phone back and extend the exlusivity of the album and it’s contents.

The crowd’s anticipation built for the final presentation. The main bar area, 103, was lit up with a visual teaser video of Lil Louis’ upcoming film “His-story repeats itself” which has been directed by him and features numerous worldwide established pioneers of house such as; Kevin Saunderson; Kenny Dope; Louis Vega; Carl Cox; Jeff Mills; Derrick May; Derrick Carter; DJ Pierre and Pete Tong, who all talk of how the music of Lil Louis has inspired them.

After being told the bar would be closed during the album presentation, the attendees were lead into The Box Room which reached full capacity. Louis was welcomed with appreciation as he stepped up to the DJ decks. He told us what inspired his love for music and production by telling us stories of his younger years which had led him through a journey to the here and now. He told us that in England, he met a mysterious woman who didn’t know about him or house music and that they’d shared a mutually inspiring encounter which ignited his current creativity and helped him to progress, especially after his mum’s recent passing.

From listening, it was obvious that his creative output had been part of a healing process which he hopes will inspire others. With an upcoming film, animation comic and six consecutive albums to be released, Lil Louis is back to take house music to another level.

Lil Louis told us that although music technology offers a lot more now, he decided to go back to 808 and use anologue to create his new album. About ten tracks were played, which started with techno but progressed to the more uplifting beats and bass heavy, soulful vocal house.

Welcome back Lil Louis, we’ve missed you!

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