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Long live the melody of Sharon Jones.

They say you should never look back, only look to the future but sometimes you need to see where you’ve been in order to know where you’re going.

I enjoy looking back. Especially when you’ve had a packed schedule of great events in the month of January, knowing full well we are now in the month of February with a clear view to spring!

January was the month that hosted the worldwide women’s March on the 21st and whilst I wasn’t there (I had a pre-arranged appointment with an apron and a wooden spoon in my office that day, sorry! And by ‘office’ what I really mean is…) However, I did attend an all-female cast of a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew later in month Where I witnessed one of the actors fully exploit the benefits of being centre stage to a crowd full of ticket bearing onlookers, in getting down on bended knee and presenting a grand spectacle of a proposal to another of the cast members. And “YES”, she said yes! Don’t suppose I’ll be lucky enough to be invited to the wedding though, unless their selling tickets for that too?! A centre stage proposal is definitely hard to upstage unless of course, your name’s Sharon Jones!

For me, the highlight of January was ‘remembering Sharon Jones’. An event at the world famous Jazz Café dedicated to the legend that is…

For those that don’t know, Sharon Jones was a legendary Soul and funk singer who maintained a sturdy love for music for many years before realising a solid career and clear recognition at the young age of 40! I love her story. Seldom do women make their mark at that age unless of course, you are a strong soul with a goal and to know Sharon’s story is to safely say “She’s a strong soul”

Sadly Sharon passed away last year; you know what they say “gone but not forgotten” and remember, we did!

twatt Sharon Jones 2
Jazz Cafe

Ten days into a new year and two months after the passing of Sharon Jones, many gathered at the world famous Jazz Café in London to respectfully ‘stomp the yard’ and enjoy the fruits of Sharon’s musical labours in her absence. I was extended a last minute invitation that was gratefully accepted.

I walked into a soul & funk aura that night full of Sharon enthusiasts. Some saw fit to dress in comfortable attire and put on their ‘soul’ shoes in order to really push the boundaries of expression through the medium of dance and boy did they express. Whilst others gazed towards the stage, choosing to pay more attention to the musical arrangements with every atom of their existence in order to really soak up that ‘funkin’ feeling.

With Sharon no longer with us, it was down to her long-serving band to hold the night together and truly pay respect to the legend, which I can confirm was executed with the level of passion one would’ve hoped for. They really put on a show with a full band and performing retro Jazz dancers who also, gave it all they had. I took out my phone, gave a quick thought of ‘thank goodness for great camera phones!’ and hastily snapped as many of the reflective lights beaming off of the shiny wind instruments that my poor little thumb could survive.

The band were in a place of comfort as melody after melody they continued to conjure up the feeling and energy that Sharon once brought to a nation of Soul lovers in her full on 20-year career. It was a great night that I had not expected to be a part of 24hrs previous. So you see looking back isn’t always such a bad thing, it can bring a smile to a dull moment in the present.

Sadly Sharon has gone but, she left a legacy of thought and memories in her determination, voice and songs. Let’s look back, listen back & two-step back with her in mind.

Long live the melody of Sharon Jones…

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