About Us

Mi-Soul is a soul music platform, which has been broadcasting for over 3 years, online through our website www.mi-soul.com and mobile phone apps, from a fully equipped studio based in the Stephen Lawrence Trust building.  A team of over 60 DJs, the most experienced, credible and passionate in the industry, have been presenting a wide range of ‘soulful’ music 24/7.

While Mi-Soul can be accessed globally and already has listeners logging into the streaming server from over 132 countries, it is firmly rooted in London, a city that has had a major influence on the evolution of soulful music across the UK and globally over the last 30 years.  Most of the DJs have played a key role in the club scene over this period and have strong relationships with London, and a deep understanding of its ever changing tastes.

The founders of Mi-Soul are Gordon Mac and Martin Strivens, who launched the hugely successful Kiss FM brand.  Gordon has rounded up over 60 of the best DJs that the industry has to offer. This DJ team bring with them vast experience, their own individual followings and a deep knowledge of their own sub-genres.  Free from the shackles imposed by most commercial stations, they are not forced to keep interest groups happy with predictable and lacklustre play lists. With a fine balance between old and new music, they pay homage to the past and provoke the future in equal measure.

On 27th June 2015, Mi-Soul launched on DAB across London, thereby catapulting it into the media mainstream in one of the most exciting music cities in the world.  The population falling into the transmission area numbers nearly 12m, of whom over 50% listen to DAB in preference to all other broadcast forms.