Radio sells

Radio sells with immediate effect

Research shows that radio reaches consumers most regularly within two hours of their most important purchase of the day. There is no better time to reach a potential customer than on their car or home radio just before they are off shopping, when they need that important job done or planning their weekend out.


Radio is intimate

Radio communicates your product, service or event with the intimacy of a human voice and can create word pictures, emotion evoking sounds and music and include calls to action using word pictures the mind understands


Radio escapes the clutter of a crowded advertising market

Newspaper content today averages two-thirds advertising to one-third readable news. TV spends about one-third of its time on adverts. Today’s radio with approximately 10 minutes advertising per hour devotes less than one-fifth of its content to advertisements. Radio offers advertising quality in an un-crowded fashion


Radio is a genuinely cost-effective medium

National and local newspaper rates continue to rise, although circulations continue to drop like a stone. TV ads are up in price also, although viewing figures are down. Radio continues to grow in popularity.


Radio is an interactive form of advertising in an interactive society

With radio you are never buried on page 28 of a publication. Passive advertising, such as print, simply list your products or event and doesn’t make it live. Radio interacts and stirs emotion, thereby creating demand for your product, service or event. With radio your advert is never surrounded by a competitor. Radio interacts and spreads the news on you.


How to advertise

To find out more about Mi-Soul and how we can help you explore all of the advertising opportunities we have on offer, including Airtime Advertising, Promotions and Sponsorship, please contact Mi-Soul Radio Sales at [email protected] or 02086940551

Founded by the team who took Kiss FM from pirate to Plc, Mi-Soul is a music platform, broadcasting across London and Brighton on DAB, online through its website mi-soul.com and mobile phone apps from a fully equipped studio based in the Stephen Lawrence Trust building. A team of over 70 DJs, the most experienced, credible and passionate in the industry are presenting a wide range of ‘Soulful’ music live 24/7, to an audience’s worldwide. The DJ team bring with them vast experience, their own individual followings and a deep knowledge of their own sub-genres. With a fine balance between old and new music, they pay homage to the past and provoke the future.



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