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  LIFE & SOUL debbie goltWhat Are Your Biggest Passions?My family. My older daughter is a circus clown and visual artist. My younger daughter died 3 years ago and we hold her very dear. I have recently made a much better friendship with my ex husband.Music, mostly African however all sorts with heart and beat and Radio airwaves. I produce, present and above all listen very often.Social justice. #BlackLivesMatter #WomeninMusic and more. Everybody is welcome. We have room for all and our free health service comes before bombing and glass investment boxes every time. No quarter for fascists.And lastly, my plants – they greet me with joy every day and give me focus!What’s Your Favourite Thing To Do When You’re Not Working?Sitting by the sea – or more easily the river – listening to music and reading. If my daughter is free to join me that’s a bonus.What Piece Of Advice Would You Give Your Young Self Now?Give yourself all the time in the world and trust yourself fully, the world out there is always there and your care for it is important, however it is vital to take loving care of yourself too.When And How Did Your Love For Soulful Music Begin?Ooh! How do I answer that, it goes back so far? Listening to early Beatles, Stones, Animals and then seeking the roots of the music they popularised! Seeing Motown artists on Top of the Pops, listening to Radio Caroline when supposed to be sleeping as a teenager; I guess it really took off when dancing hours beat at The Nile, The Reno, The Afrique, Legends, Wigan Pier, Carmoor Road, The Russell Club, in the blues, when I lived in Manchester in the 70s and getting to know some of the musicians and DJs and beginning to DJ myself. And finding Fela Kuti 12”s in much missed Flyover Records in Hammersmith. NameYour Favourite Top Three Tracks Of All Time…These are tracks I really like – I don’t have a top three tracks of all time! How could I leave out Stevie or Nina or Dobet Gnahore? So I am ducking out and answering with music that I often come back to.Rebel Woman   ChiwonisoWater No Get Enemy Fela Kuti7 Seconds   Neneh Cherry and Youssou N’DourWhat Musical Artist Inspires You And Why?Dobet Gnahore – from Ivory Coast – she has stayed true to her artistry that she learned when very young and is one of the most dynamic performers I know. I am always transfixed and taken to that other place when I see her sing/dance/play guitar and congas and lead her fabulous band playing her own brilliant on point compositions. She is stunningly beautiful too with inner beauty too. She is an ambassador for Forward UK who campaign against FGMWhich Mi-Soul Show Do You Enjoy The Most And Why?All these tough questions! Do I have to pick one? Can’t I have a few? Go on – indulge me…A-Z Of Soul, Lindsay Wesker. The range of music is astounding – you think he’d be done after all the years of it and then there is more and the more he does the show the more depth and reach it has. His chat is so informed and entertaining too.Reggae Rock. Reggae is one of my most favourite musics and Keith Lawrence gets it right with vintage and new stuff, no slackness and good female tracks too with great chat.Marcia Carr. Marcia’s Mixed Bag has a nice eclectic mix, good energy and info. Flying it for the women too – not so many on the airwaves given space to present full on music!Madera Verde , The Global Glitch show presents global vibes from one who knows it very well – a great apparatchik as well! Great to see friends at higher heights too!What Was The Last Gig You Went To?Dobet Gnahore + Poetic Pilgramage with Oneness Sankara DJing at an event for Forward – leading charity against FGM – at RichMixWhat Artist Would You Like To See Live And Why? Of artists I haven’t yet seen? I am looking forward to seeing Brazilian Elza Soares at Barbican in November – she is in her 70s and tells it really how it is for women with stunning settings that are full of warmth and strident at the same time. And Aretha Franklin … I have never seen her live and I have loved her style, voice, presence from I was very young, but only ever on television.What Tune Can You Not Get Enough Of Right Now?
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