S.E.L & Bryan Chambers – Falling

Deadly Smedley review:



SINGLE RELEASE | 1st June 2020


S.E.L ft Bryan Chambers brand new single Falling is just what you need during these unprecedented times. I was first sent it in demo format, after we’d recorded our Deadly & S.E.L Christmas Special for Mi-Soul and listened in the car with my family while it was dark, cold and raining.

It lit up the car with warmth and brightness and the chorus was still going through our heads long after the song finished.

To receive the final mixes in May during a pandemic crisis was the perfect medicine to a rather surreal time. The opening guitar just teases you in for literally a few seconds before Emma’s soothing voice takes over and is complimented throughout with Bryan’s depth.

The chorus will have you hooked with just one listen as its beautiful. The sun has been shining, the temperature rising and this track sounds even better and better with every play, and will be a Summer Anthem & something good to remember 2020 for, in years to come.

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