The sun will rise again – Ronnie Herel

Quantize Recordings presents Ronnie Herel’s latest masterpiece “The Sun Will Rise Again” featuring the unparalleled Kenny Thomas!

Serving as the final single before his highly anticipated album project “Another Way”, this track is set to make a lasting impact within the soulful dance music fraternity. Inspired and motivated by a conversation with DJ Spen, Ronnie took the plunge and embarked on this remarkable project balancing effortlessly between his roles as a DJ and Radio Presenter. Ronnie has managed to pour his heart and soul into “The Sun Will Rise Again” with a message of hope and inspiration delivered in a way that only Kenny Thomas could manage. The lyrics are conscious, uplifting, and will resonate deeply with listeners reminding them that brighter days are ahead. Prepare to be uplifted as you immerse yourself in the powerful and soul-stirring sounds of this remarkable track.This release contains the Original Soul version of “The Sun Will Rise Again” alongside an anthemic Soulful House Remix produced by Café 432.

Experience the magic for yourself and join Ronnie as he continues to redefine the boundaries of Dance Music.1. “The Sun Will Rise Again” (Café 432 Remix)2. “The Sun Will Rise Again” (Original Mix)3. “The Sun Will Rise Again” (Café 432 Instrumental)


Ronnie Herel & Kenny Thomas “The Sun Will Rise Again”Produced by Ronnie Herel for On the Money Productions

Written by Ronnie Herel & Kenny Thomas
Music by Ronnie Herel

Lyrics Written & Performed by Kenny Thomas

Keys and Solo by Ainsley Johns

Additional keys by Kevin McPherson

Engineered by Toni Economides
Mix and Mastered by Mr. Jones (Cafe 432)Sean Spencer & Kelly Spencer Executive Producers