The ‘Ultimate Entertainer’ – Dr Psycho

The One and Only Dr Psycho 01.05.73 - 30.10.17

Dr Psycho, referred to by many as the ‘Ultimate Entertainer’, commanded crowds from around the world with his humour and innovation for over two decades.

 Not every DJ has the ability to MC wearing a onesie in Ibiza and pull it off, but he could, and he did back in 2017.

Starting his career in 1989, Dr Psycho performed with the legendary Rapattack sound system and spent eight years with one of the UK’s most successful sound systems Rampage.

A born performer, Psycho DJ’d, hosted and performed for the likes of Busta Rhymes, Jodeci, Chipmunk, Snoop Dogg, Boys II Men and many more.

Dr Psycho
Dr Psycho

10 Surprising Facts About Dr Psycho...

  • Dr Psycho made a cameo appearance at the start of Sticky ft. Ms Dynamite music video, ‘Booo!’
  • Growing up Dr Psycho played American football.
  • Psycho was a proud member of the TV buff community.
  • A pioneer in the UK music scene, he also knew how to throw it down in the kitchen. His speciality was curry goat.
  • If you came to Mi-Biza in 2017, you would know Psycho loved a onesie.
  • Psycho supported Fulham F.C.
  • He was a lover of superheroes and comic books.
  • Wray and Nephew was his drink of choice when it came to a night out.
  • Dr Psycho’s grand debut came in 1989 when he burst onto the music scene via the Rapattack sound system.
  • He went on and joined Rampage sound in 1991.
dr psycho
dr psycho
Dr Psycho

In February 2017, we asked Dr Psycho to reveal his most uplifting song, favourite 90s track and favourite driving song

Most Uplifting Song:
BMU – You Will Know

BMU - You Will Know

Best 90’s Song:
Guy – Teddy’s Jam 2

Best Driving Song:
Chase N Status – No Problem