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Once in a while, Tutu shares a little piece of her world with us. She loves to eat, hang out in cool places and of course, music is at the heart of it all. You can hear the 12-Tutu Show live on Mi-Soul Radio on Fridays from 12-2pm. Tune in this week to win a meal for two at Drunch and read all about the restaurant right here…

Good music has always been the backdrop to my life since as far back as I can remember. When I was a little girl, every Sunday my dad would treat the family to the cool vibes of Gladys, Brooke, Marvin, Michael and his brothers etc. Then my sister brought it forward with the likes of Loose Ends, SOS Band, BBQ Band etc… before I proudly purchased my first Vinyl (‘Tramp’ by Salt N Pepa. Which coincidently came with ‘Push it’ on the B-side, result!) And so on. But did I ever tell you about that time that I had a non-music business? Yep, the business of cakes!

I know right! Me? Apron on?? Baking??! Oh yes! And I had a good time too. Business can be fun if you let it – I let it! I had corporate clients in all the hotspots of London town; Mayfair, the City and Soho were my cakes playground and I enjoyed that vicarious life through all of those pretty little morsels of hot stuff.

Although I no longer conduct the business, I still like to keep in touch with some of my ex-clients from time to time. After all, we had a blast! Casino’s, Live shows at Ronnie Scott’s, bespoke cocktails on tap. Why would I not want to check in with my ex-clients, if you know what I mean?!

So, last week Wednesday, ahead of Omar’s new album launch live set in Shoreditch, I had a plan to meet with a friend and make a B-line for Mayfair to have a dining experience at a restaurant that an old client had a new management over.

Sat on the corner of Blenheim Street & Woodstock Street, just opposite from Bonham’s world famous auction House, there is an eatery number called ‘Drunch’. Drunch has been in the business of feeding for 3 years now. Huh? How did I not hear of this spot just off of sassy Bond Street before?! Oh well, better late than never.

It was so good to see an old friend in a new setting doing what he does best… Overseeing the day to day of the business and making sure all is in ‘Mayfair’ Standard!

Tutu Mi-Soul Radio

Upon arrival, Nico’s friendly face immediately rushed to a greeting and swiftly began giving me a grand tour of his new working home. A cute ‘n’ snug restaurant establishment with a few quirky extra’s (just the way I like it!) Where else can you go to in Mayfair to snack/eat good food inspired by worldly flavours, have a swanky shisha session and round it off with a good giggle with company downstairs in the ‘Cave’ for a little Pro Evolution match on the ole Playstation?… Well at Drunch, you can. Nico led me downstairs whilst explaining all to me as we entered a small opening at the tail end of the main dining area. You may need to duck down as you enter the ‘cave’ as it really is just that, a cave. But it’s a cool cave filled with treasures of the gaming kind.

The foods pretty cool too. I was treated to a Tapas starter and a Salmon Teriyaki main course before being led out to the front porch where a readymade table of desserts and Shisha awaited me and a friend. For me it’s all about the dessert – after all, cakes are my forte. Drunch didn’t disappoint me. I seriously recommend the ‘R.I.P diet’ Cheesecake! Which is one of their signature dishes.

On this occasion, the food is not the only one in the spotlight. Until Wednesday afternoon, I knew not of the shisha experience having never tried it in my life. I was given a lesson on shisha on the spot, namely all the flavours choices and why they differ in smoothness, before being left to my own pleasurable shisha devices. It’s safe to say I’m now a shisha fan like the rest of the universe. Like I said, better late than never. Nico had to prize the pipe from my fingers and end the new love affair I was having. To be fair, I think the pipe had had enough of me as well.

All in all, Drunch of Mayfair is a great hang out spot at any time of the day. Whether you fancy a good three course or just feel like a shisha with some 1st grade international tea for two with an after-twiddle. I’m talking about twiddling your thumbs on a Playstation pad!

The staff are friendly, extremely attentive and Nico the manager is just a gem!

Tutu Mi-Soul
Tutu Mi-Soul
Tutu Mi-Soul


6 Blenheim Street and 1 Woodstock Street London W1C 2AA

Tel: 020 7495 2020

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