Louise Golbey

Louise Golbey – Novel

We at Mi-Soul have watched and listened to this up and coming UK artist for a number of years now and we are now pleased to say that she is not just coming of age, but it also seems it’s happening at just the right time. UK Soul music is definitely on the up and riding the crest of that wave with her new album, Novel, is Louise Golbey.

This album has been in the making for only a short period of time but in the planning for a few years now. Its that planning that has makes this offering a stand out piece of work. Louise is a great vocal talent with some exceptional writing skills. Her talent has not gone unnoticed, as even UK Soul royalty Omar (MBE), joins her on the album for one track.

This is a must listen to album, as we are sure you will enjoy it from track one all the way to track twelve. Check out Louise Golbey’s new album Novel, you will not be disappointed.

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