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Andrea Britton

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Life and Soul catches up with the lovely Angel Mel, self confessed music lover, Radio show host, DJ-Selector, music promoter, business woman and mistress of the imaginary air maracas.

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1. Give Us Three Words That Best Describe You.

Fearless, Dynamic and Happy

2. What are your biggest passions and what do you like to do in your spare time?

I consider myself fortunate that I am living out some of my passions right now. When I left my day job I decided that I wanted to live my life on my own terms and focus on things that made me happy. One of main motivators is bringing people together under the banner of music and especially championing female and gender fluid Djs & artists into the music industry. I run the Sisters We Are Djs group for women and gender fluid Djs, music producers and artists, it is a platform for us to connect, share, promote each others music in a safe space, each week I feature a guest mix on my radio show. Working with such talented people brings me a lot of joy, it’s one of my favorite parts of the show.

When I’m not immersed in music I love exercise whether it be swimming, cycling, running, I recently signed up to compete in my first full marathon in May. Anything active, I especially love going for long walks with my son.

3. What Piece Of Advice Would You Give Your Young Self Now?

Interesting question, I used to write interviews for artists for Southport Weekender and I used to ask them the same question. I had my son when I was 17 years old that totally changed my life, it was such a whirlwind time just flew by. The advice I would give to myself would be there are no limits to what you can be achieve, the only limits are the ones that we place on ourselves. Everything will work out just fine.

4. When And How Did Your Love For Soulful Music Begin?

My mother is the person who opened my eyes and ears to music. We didn’t have much money in the family and my mum raised 3 girls single handed. Music was always being played in our house, my mum had the most diverse and eclectic collection. When I was a small child, I grew up listening to the likes of: Motown’s finest, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross & The Supremes, Tammy Terrell, Betty Wright, the best Rockers, Roots and Lovers Rock Reggae, The Smiths, 808 State, Lou Reed to name but a few. To this day my mum and I still bond over our love of music, I know she’s very proud that I have taken the passion to the next level.

5. Which Mi-Soul Show Do You Enjoy The Most And Why?

It depends on what mood I’m in, I listen to Martin Lodge “It’s Monday Things”, weekly when I’m in the gym. At other times it’s Marcia Carr, Atjazz and Sean McCabe.

6. Name Three Of Your Favourite Tracks In The World!

The Kings Of Tomorrow – Finally

Mos Def – My Umi Says

4Hero – Look Inside

7. What Musical Artist Inspires You And Why?

I am forever absorbing music like a sponge, as such the artists change over the years. I’ve been massively influenced by the likes of 4hero since the Tek9 era, the orchestration of how the music is constructed blows me away. Dego & Marc Mac put so much attention to detail in everything they do it’s been an education. It’s no secret that Kev Beadle is my music hero although not strictly an artist I have learned so much from listening to his Mind Fluid show’s, my eclecticism come straight from Kev, he lead me to discovering; Jazz Funk, Jazz Fusion, Left Field and Electronica. Lastly Erykah Badu is my heroine, her creativity and fearlessness to explore and push boundaries, I admire her tenacity and she appears never to compromise her music integrity.

8. What Was The Last Gig You Went To?

I saw Yoruba Soul Orchestra at XOYO on Saturday, Osunlade, Gabriela Poso and the band were outstanding.

9. What Artist Would You Like To See Live?

I’ve still yet to see Marc Mac and Dego of 4hero in action. I’d love to see 4hero play live with a full orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall, that would be a dream come true.

10. What Tune Can You Not Get Enough Of Right Now?

Raff – Crazy (Ben Macklin remix) – low slung downtempo and soulful track, I’ve had it on repeat I love it.

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