Hill St Soul

Life and Soul: Hil St Soul

This week we chat to Hil St Soul, a singer and songwriter from London about her love for soul music, and of course, Mi-Soul Radio.What are you biggest passions?Music, food and live events.When and how did your love for soul music begin?Began at a very tender age as a result of hearing it in and around my home. My dad is a Soul Man and has a vast record collection so I grew up listening to all the greats from Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin Teddy P, Bill Withers, The Commodores, Candy Staton, Chaka Khan, Curtis Mayfield, Glady’s Knight, Shalamar, etc because he was always rinsing that kind of music!What is your favourite Soul track?I can’t honestly say I have one specific favourite song…there are too many to mention. That’s like asking a chocaholic (of which I am) what their favourite chocolate is!What music artist inspires you the most?I’m inspired by big soulful voices! Love my Soul Divas ranging ranging from Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight, Candy Staton, Whitney Houston to Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill but my ultimate inspiration has to be Aretha Franklin.When did you start listening to Mi-Soul?Started listening to Mi Soul in early 2015Which Mi-Soul show do you enjoy the most/look forward to and why?I listen to quite a few of the shows depending on the time of day I tune in… from George Kay, Ronnie Herel, Calvin Francis, Stretch taylor, Bigger, Big Ted, Femi fem so I’m gonna sit on the fence and say can’t pick a favorite as I love them all! 🙂Thanks Hil St Soul for chatting to us and stay locked in to Mi-Soul for good music!