Brian Power

The SoulHouse Radio Show

SoulHouse Radio Show

Brian ‘The Lion’ Power, a name coined by fellow Mi-Soul Radio veteran, Ronnie Herel, moves to a new home.

The first Saturday of every month, see’s the birth of The SoulHouse Radio show.  Representing SoulHouse Music, Brian Powers brand new record label.

SoulHouse Music’s main objective is to release quality UK Soul/Soulful House music ­for new fledgeling talent. One of the key areas will be to represent staple soul classics ­to the new generation of soul heads ­and to educate and enhance their awareness of our rich soul history. This was spurned after their first release, a cover of Jeffrey Osborne’s ‘I Really Don’t Need No Light’ classic performed by Lloyd Wade and remixed by Dj Spen, Gary Hudgins and Mike Delgardo to name a few. The label has a string of new releases and more to come for 2017. So keep your eyes and ears open and in the meantime, tune into Brian Power’s The SoulHouse Radio Show this coming Saturday at 9-11pm and every first Saturday thereafter.