D’Nyce’s Album Of The Month

Each Month D'Nyce Picks An Album To Feature on her Soul’D’Out Show Wednesday Morning 1am - 3am

July’s Album Of The Month

Artist: Jane Hancock
Album: Where’s Jane? Series 2
Rating 4.5/5

Jane Handcock a graduate of the Oakland School for the Arts has been in the music game for a minute with writing credentials for Rick Ross, Tyrese, Kehlani, Keke Palmer, Adrian Marcel, Raphael Saadiq and Kelly Rowland to name a few. She has now stepped out on her own with her ‘Where’s Jane? Series of EPs. So far she has blessed us with ‘Where’s Jane?Series 1’ and ‘Where’s Jane? Series 1.5’. Her songwriting skills are stellar as can been heard on ‘All Of Me’, ‘Can’t Pretend’ and ’Nxgger’ taken from the 9-track EP. This Californian artist is simply oozing tunes at the moment whether she’s writing music for somebody, providing background vocals or listing as a feature – she’s busy!  There are also some individual tracks floating around not available on the series, check out ‘Function’ and associated video. Jane’s music is full of baselines and rhymes, vulnerability and authenticity, her music touches my spirit!

June’s Album Of The Month

Artist: Ari Lennox
Album: Shea Butter Baby
Rating 4.5/5

Ari Lennox was discovered after placing her music online and is now J. Coles ‘Dreamvilles’ newest non hip – hop signing. Since her 2016 EP ‘Pho’ Ari has been bridging the gap between classic and modern-day soul. Her long-awaited 12 track debut album ‘Shea Butter Baby’ does bridge the gap between oldskool and newskool romance RnB in the digital era. The album gives the listener a snapshot into a day in the life of a young Ari, battling with day to day apps and just life, with heavy RnB baselines massaging the soul. She’s just looking for love! Tracks like ‘BOM’ ‘Break Me Off’, ‘FaceTime’, ‘I Been’ and my favourite ‘Whipped Cream’ sit nicely with the 2-step house party scene who have embraced this young artist.

May’s Album Of The Month

Artist: XamVolo
Album: All The Sweetness On The Surface
Rating 4/5

London born but based in Liverpool XamVolo is an artist, whether it be new soul, RnB or rock. He manages to journey through the genres quite effortlessly and with that has produced an eclectic debut album ‘All the Sweetness On The Surface’. Xam is a self-taught polymath who is in control of all elements of his creativity and calls what he does Jazz influenced Electronic Soul. Favourite tracks are ‘Old Soul’, ‘Loose Love’, ‘Sudden’ and ‘Feels Good’, I’m sure others will emerge. There are elements of D’Angelo, Frank Ocean, Ro James and even some Bowie! Anderson Paak seems to have runaway with Electronic soul but lets make way for the newcomer XamVolo.

April’s Album Of The Month

Artist: India Arie
Album: Worthy
Rating 4/5

India Arie, a four-time Grammy winner with 21 nominations singer, songwriter, has blessed us with her 9th studio album. The album ‘Worthy’ has a strong musical, earthy, social, political message that will appeal to die-hard Arie fans. There’s no doubt on the impact that India Arie has had on the Neo/ Soul era, and she had made another with this infectious album. From the strong politically led ‘What If’ to the sexy ‘In Good Trouble” this album is worth every listen. India sings the clouds out the sky!

March’s Album Of The Month

Artist: Elisha La’Verne
Album: The Agenda EP
Rating 4/5
The latest offering from UK RnB singer, songwriter Elisha La’Verne is one for ‘grown folks’. 
With a recipe of R&B, sweet soulful sounds and a splash of reggae this five-track EP has satisfied my need for smooth laid back grooves. Standout tracks on this EP ‘Going The Distance ft Darien Dean’, ‘Catching Feelings’ and ‘Sugar’. Elisha spends her time between the UK and Japan were her 7th album 361 Degrees debuted at No.2 in the iTunes charts. With her 9th instalment in sight, this EP is a welcomed entree. 

February’s Album Of The Month

Artist: Summer Walker
Album: Clear EP
Rating 3.5/5

Talented newcomer, Summer Walker is Apple Music’s first ‘UP Next’ artist of 2019. The Up Next series identifies and elevates talented artists from all genres and over the past few years has been a major platform for showcasing contemporary R&B breakout artists.

Atlanta artist Summer will join fellow ‘Up Next’ artists such as Daniel Caesar, Khalid, 6lack and H.E.R.
‘Clear’ is only a four-track live EP, clearly not long enough but what you can hear is the promise of future greatness! The EP is neo-soul in its raw form with laid back rhythms and haunting vocals. There’s a reason why Ms Walker has been described as the love child of Jimi Hendrix and Amy Winehouse.

January’s Album Of The Month

Artist: Neo
Album: Saturn
Rating 3.5/5

Neo Jessica Joshua is a British singer-songwriter and producer hailing from east London. A once vocal student at the Guildhall School of Music, Nao has produced her second album ‘Saturn’. The album was supported by singles ‘Another Lifetime’, ‘Make It Out Alive’ and ‘If You Ever’. 

‘Saturn’ is a solid, honest offering covering love, lust and the challenges around these feelings. Nao is vocally unique, and so is this beautiful album. There are no obvious commercial hits, but in the hands of the industries more soulful DJs, some tracks will become popular within the new or neo-soul scene.