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Playlist News

Charlie Butler Charlie Butler takes a look at the Mi-Soul Playlist…‘ ‘Here’s to Friday’ – Demuir featuring Cynthia AmoahDemuir was awarded’s #1 Jacking House Producer of 2015. So with pedigree like that it seems reasonable to expect that his latest release will be something to look forward to. And the Canadian producer doesn’t disappoint. ‘Here’s to Friday’ is house music at its best. It’s funky and well-layered and pays homage to every clubber’s favourite day of the week. Alongside the slick production, Cynthia Amoah’s vocals sound as if they could have been sampled from an obscure 70s disco hit. And it’s for this reason – the old meeting the new – that we have a song which breaks new ground while sounding deeply rooted in tradition.‘Never Stop Loving You’ – Mustafa & Sunlightsquare feat Tasita D’MourThe summer might be over but, courtesy of Mustafa and Sunlightsquare, its soul lives on. The pair have teamed up once more and this time they have the vocalist Tasita D’Mour on board. ‘Never Stop Loving You’ is all energetic drums, surging horns and a well-paced rhythm. D’Mour delivers a powerful performance which I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to get out of my head for the next few days. It’s the perfect blend of funk, jazz and well-made pop music. And if the sun does make one more glorious appearances for us, this song will be its perfect accompaniment.‘Ain’t No Time’ – Shaun EscofferyShaun Escoffery is not only one of Mi Soul’s favourite artists, he’s also one of Brit-Soul’s leading lights. And he has been for a long time. ‘Ain’t No Time’ (out on Dome Records) is undoubtedly a good song but it isn’t the production that makes it special; by themselves the sultry piano, jaunty guitar accents and jazz lounge drums would all be perfectly enjoyable. But, as all great singers do, Escoffery makes this special where anyone else would make it just fine. It’s uplifting too: ‘Let all of our voices be freedom’ is a lyric that may be borne out of pain and frustration but it’s delivered with genuine feeling and hope.