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Charlie Butler Charlie Butler. Music Writer at Mi-Soul Radio. 
 ‘Over Again’ – Mr. Bird featuring Greg BlackmanGroovy grooves for a Sunday shubs. Mr. Bird’s ‘Over Again’ is the epitome of feel-good music. The producer is currently based in sunny Lisbon and something of the sun’s lazy shine has rubbed off on the track. It’s a day down at the beach, an afternoon whiled away in a bar or a night spent dancing and laughing in the heat. With a high-pitched synth in the background to keep the beat in check, the song is not forced to reach for a showstopping climax. It’s comfortable being what it is and that makes me comfortable. So just listen, and smile while you listen.‘He Still Loves Me (Honeycomb Vocal Remix)’ – Kia StewartReleased by Honeycomb Music, ‘He Still Loves Me’ by Kia Stewart is the perfect example of soul music mixed with laid-back house. It was co-written and produced by Josh Milan, with backing vocals from Dawn Tallman, and tells the story that all true soul music tells: that of love and longing. After repeated listens the tight structuring of the track becomes more and more striking. Neither the singer nor the producer puts a foot wrong. From the percussion and the bass to the synth and the mixing – it all works just as it should.‘Rise Up’ – Rhemi featuring Vanessa FreemanEveryone loves a xylophone. You don’t hear them dominate tracks too often but when they are used they conjure images of the Lion King, summer days and people having fun. So when the opening sequence of ‘Rise Up’ blared from my speakers my ears were instantly pricked. From start to finish the record is a blast. The production duo of Neil Pierce and Ziggy Funk (AKA Rhemi) have graced these pages before and it’s not without good reason that they’re here again. They’re fun and talented and like to make funky music – it’s all very Mi-Soul.