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ReCollect: Purple Rain, Prince

Prince & The Revolution -Purple Rain 1984 Warner Bros Records. by Jasmine AdarkwaPrince Purple RainToday’s recollect is dedicated to the legendary, iconic and influential album by Prince; ‘Purple Rain’.An album that really doesn’t need any introduction, every person and their dog, most likely owned this album back in 1984 and as it’s the 32nd anniversary since the creative genius unleashed this to the world we thought it should be the focus of our ReCollect feature this week.Released in June 25th 1984, this was Prince’s 6th studio album and was also the soundtrack to his film of the same name. It has sold 22 million copies to date and arguably one of his best albums of his whole career, ranked by Rolling Stone Magazine as the second best album of the 1980s. The album peaked at number 4 in the UK, number 1 in the USA and was number 1 in 5 countries.‘Purple Rain’ took Prince’s career to new heights and placed him on his rightful throne as the ‘prince of pop, funk & rock’.‘Lets Go Crazy’ the second single to be released has an intro that is reminiscent to a eulogy you would hear at a funeral, closely followed by a roaring 2/4 beat that kicks in with his roaring guitar.  Prince is urging you that whilst your still here on earth, go crazy and don’t let anything stop you doing so!  Pop rock at it’s best; it has become one of his signature songs which went to number 1 in the USA.‘The Beautiful Ones’ is a beautiful power ballad about a love triangle. Prince is urging his love interest to make a choice, him or the other guy. Haunting and emotionally sung, it evokes the listener to tap into his or her own emotions and we are convinced this is a person he doesn’t want to lose.‘I Would Die For You’ was the fourth single to be released. An up-tempo lyrically emotional song, pretty self-explanatory, about laying it all on the line for the one you love. Utterly reminiscent of the film and him standing in a steamy ally with the world’s worries on his shoulders.‘Purple Rain’ is the third single from the album. An iconic ballad that is stunning and arguably the best song he has ever written. His introductory solo guitar riff immediately sets the mood and grabs your attention.  Lyrically it showcases his most deepest and intimate thoughts and also those of his truest fans. We challenge any Prince lover to not dissolve into themselves when listening to this beauty now.Prince’s guitar and vocals completely blow you away and once again evokes the listener to feel every emotion he planned to make you feel, with him.“When there’s blood in the sky – red and blue = purple… purple rain pertains to the end of the world and being with the one you love and letting your faith and God guide you through the purple rain.” PrinceWe are thankful for such a masterpiece. Happy 29th Anniversary to this groundbreaking album and Prince, we will forever salute you.Did you know?Prince won an Oscar for the now defunct category Best Original Song Score for ‘Purple Rain’ in 1984.