This Thursday We Celebrate Michael Jackson’s Unprecedented Album; BAD

Tune in to hear an exceptional track from Michael Jackson's album, 'Bad' all day this Thursday.


Known as the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson is a legendary icon. He delivered number one hits from the albums ‘Off the Wall’, ‘Thriller’ and ‘Dangerous’. With his remarkable dance moves, unforgettable outfits and most importantly his cherished songs, we celebrate 30 years of arguably one of the best albums ever created ‘Bad’.

This was his seventh studio album produced by the legend himself along with Quincy Jones. The album continued Jackson’s commercial success and led to him receiving two Grammy Awards.

Thirty years on and the results of the album speak for themselves with timeless hits, the album has paved the way for many within the industry today.

The album is a representation of Jackson himself – bold, creative and confident. Michael Jackson left behind a legacy and his notorious music videos will go down in history.

There would be no better way to celebrate the thirty year milestone of ‘Bad’ without providing some of the most iconic music videos.

To mark the occasion and celebrate his legacy, Mi-Soul will be playing a classic Micheal Jackson track on each show.


Over 30 Million copies sold worldwide, First 5 singles reached NO.1, One of the world’s best selling album, Won 2 Grammy Awards…

dirty diana
leave me alone
man in the mirror
the way you make me feel


  • Michael Jackson was the first in history to achieve five consecutive number one singles on the billboard Hot 100 from the Bad album. The singles included; ‘I Just Can’t Stop Loving You’, ‘Bad’, ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ and ‘Dirty Diana’.
  • In its first week on sales, ‘Bad’ sold over 350,000 copies in the UK, which, at that point, making it the fastest selling album in official charts.
  • Bad is the UK’s ninth biggest selling album of all time.
  • The Bad World Tour was the highest earning concert of all time with 75 shows in total earning him a mere $200 million.
  • The album earned Michael Jackson a Grammy for The Best Composer for the songs ‘Liberian Girl’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’.
  • Jackson started a new tradition while recording the ‘Bad’ album.
    Every Friday, he brought in his two personal chefs to
    prepare a meal for the entire studio crew.
  • Ten out of the eleven songs are paired with music videos.
  • The title song was due to be duet with Prince.
  • The ‘Bad World Tour’ broke the Guinness records.
I just cant stop loving you
another part of me
Liberian girl
Smooth Criminal
Speed Demon

‘I Just Can’t Stop Loving You’ was the first single from the ‘Bad’ album to be released and became the first from the album to chart at number one. Written by Jackson and co-produced by Quincy Jones, the duet ballad was simply outstanding from the vocals to the music video it is evident the pair had a great chemistry.

Since the release of the track there has been over five different covers, however nothing will ever compare to the original due.