Fatback Band

It’s not everyday you get to hang out with one of the most acclaimed disco, soul and funk groups to emerge from the USA. Pioneers in their own right, The Fatback Band are currently over from North Carolina on their Street Sounds Tour and Shaq D managed to squeeze backstage, flashing his Mi-Soul badge, to have a fleeting chat with the concept creator and legend Bill ‘Fatback’ Curtis, whilst the band were busy loading out.With a career spanning nearly 40 years, founder member Bill is an experienced drummer and was inspired to merge the “fatback jazz beat” with a touch of West Indie & Caribbean beat into a funky groove and in his words;‘We are a party band, we’re not a band that come in a do set shows, we go with the party!’Anyone who was at Southport 51, would agree they are still playing live shows that blow audiences away and with more than 35 albums under their belt, and classic hits and club anthems including; ‘I Found Lovin’, ‘Spanish Hustle’, ‘Back Strokin’, ‘Keep On Steppin’ and ‘I Like Girls’ to mention a few it’s hardly surprising.The gig was too short but packed with everything you needed to keep your feet moving.  The Fatback Band have certainly proved that they still got the funk.Watch the quick interview here:If you want to rekindle some nostalgic happy memories and see world class entertainers in action check their website for tour details and answers on a postcard for anyone that can make sense of their Twitter page.Website | Facebook | Twitter | Bookings