The British Collective

It’s More Than Just Music, It’s A Movement.

Mi-Soul love everything about The British Collective. We can’t get enough of the music, we share their ethos and admire the heritage and talent of each individual artist and their collective sovereignty. It gives us great pleasure to announce their long awaited debut album; ‘Vol.1 The Renaissance Begins’, released this Friday 2nd September. Some of the finest male soul singers the UK has ever produced and world renowned talents of Don-E, Junior Giscombe, Leee John, Noel McKoy and Omar Lyefook are joined by other UK notables, namely, Andrew Roachford, Alex Charles, Errol Reid, Glen Goldsmith, Paul Johnson, Rick Clarke, Sinclair, Hughie Crawford and Donovan Blackwood for this seminal album in British Soul Music History.The British CollectiveThe British Collective, Vol.1 The Renaissance BeginsThis album is urban sophistication at its very best. The stellar vocals combined with distinctly British soul production accents, gives us an offering that feels familiar but at the same time, fresh and contemporary. The album is littered with memorable hooks and melodies, which is in no short measure, attributable to the substantive combined years they have put into refining their craft as artists, songwriters and producers.The British Collective, Vol 1: The Renaissance Begins: Available Friday 2nd September Physical CD Digital Download Available also in the iTunes Store and Google Play. Want some uber cool merchandise? Click here. Fresh from their astounding performance at The Margate Soul Festival, The British Collective have an exciting eighteen months ahead of them, with UK and international festival dates and further collaborations with other UK Soul legends in progress. They are also focussing on nurturing young talent that will pick up the mantle of these UK Soul Legends in the future.Whoah. Imagine learning your trade from one of these guys!We know The British Collective are most certainly at the forefront of a British Soul Renaissance and this album is recognition of the exceptional role they have played in keeping this unique, authentically British genre; the very core of Mi-Soul’s purpose; alive.