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Charlie Butler Charlie Butler. Music Writer at Mi-Soul Radio. 
 This week see’s entries from Midas Hutch, Bruno Mars and a huge welcome back to A Tribe Called Quest…‘The Space Program’ – A Tribe Called QuestWith a new President coming into power and a lack of conscious rappers in America at the moment, the new album release from A Tribe Called Quest is certainly timely. And long overdue. We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service came out on Epic Records on 11th November; ‘The Space Program’ is one of its stand-out productions. The beat is smooth, jazz inflected, providing the perfect background for the rappers’ easy flows. Q-Tip in particular, with his multi-syllabic rhyme patterns and emotive metaphors, delivers the track’s standout moments. ‘The Space Program’ is definitely a song for our times but more importantly it’s a treat for our ears.‘Another Man’s House’ – Midas Hutch featuring MarMidas Hutch is the alter-ego of Dutch producer FS Green. Initially, in his earlier incarnation, he produced easy Trip hop-sounding electronica; his new sound is inspired by 80s disco, R&B and funk. There are debts in the production: early Usher comes to mind but also the soul music of the late 80s and early 90s. The guitar accents and drum machines all sound right on point. When it comes down to it, this song depends on your circumstance. If you’re chilling with friends on a Friday night put it on in the background, let it run and relax. If you’re by yourself in the car, turn it up and sing as loud as can. Either way is fine.‘Versace on the Floor’ – Bruno MarsI’ve never thought of Bruno Mars as being one for subtlety. And his new track ‘Versace on the Floor’ doesn’t alter how I think. Not only is the content of the song as obvious as a kick to the shin, the influence of the 80s is clear to anyone with a passing interest in those bygone days of sultry synth. It’s a straight-talking, love-making ballad indebted to the organ chords and guitar-driven choruses of early MJ. From the candle-lit beginning to the key change in the bridge, it all works as a well-wrought tune should. It’s sexy music which shows off Mars’ vocal range. Another hit for the current Master of Pop.