Stevie Wonderful

It hasn’t just dawned on us at HQ that most of us will be in the middle of a fine London park in the summer sun slash British summertime rain today. Don’t get us wrong, we were pretty damn aware of the feeling we are guaranteed to get washed all over us today, but the sudden excitement has now ran away with us completely.In the light of the recent tragic death of one of our all time heros Prince, today is even more poignant. It  is clear that life is short.We think it’s really interesting that he is performing Songs In The Key Of Life this year and whether you are going to this fine event or not, it should most definitely prompt you to dust off this album and get it on full blast as soon as humanly possible.God dammit. Get it on it now. Not only is it the perfect summer soundtrack, but it’s so unbelievably current. Relevant at it’s time and almost even more so now. It’s full of politics, passion and struggle. And in such times of disarray and chaos it’s refreshing to listen with your adult ears.“The force of evil plans, to make you its possession, and it will if we let it, destroy everybody’ from ‘Love’s In Need Of Love Today’, the definitive dream of a ‘future paradise’ in ‘Pastime Paradise’ and that wonderful scat at the end of ‘As’ when Stevie really speaks his truth and the core ‘Songs in The Key Of Life’ message;‘You’re not helping to make this earth, a place sometimes called hell. Change your words into truths and then change that truth into love, and maybe our children’s grandchildren, and their great grandchildren will tell.”Above all…he gently reminds us that love should be at the very heart of all we do and for that we thank you Stevie Wonderful. We will be singing every word with you today from the bottom of our Mi-Soul hearts.And for those that aren’t there today, let Stevie’s music be one of your priority listens in the coming weeks. We don’t necessarily need to bubble wrap him, but take every opportunity to feel his vibe from now until whenever.